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I am Luke and I am a TV anchor. I like reviewing the various TV shows and also the movies. I got this opportunity to review the TV show Smallville on this website.

I believe that the TV show Smartville was highly popular among the people. It was an American TV series that began in October 2001 on the WB TV network. It eventually ended in the year 2011. The series depicted the adventures of young Clark Kent in Smallville prior to his becoming the Superman.

I would say that the music composed for this show was remarkable. Mark Snow had composed the music for this show. This show is like one of the supernatural themed shows on the network such as Buffy the Vampire slayer, Angel etc. This show is known for its amalgamation with several genres.

It was Smallville that broke the record for the highest rated debut for the WB. There were 8 million viewers for this show. Smallville depicts the DC Comics character, Superman.

Smallville is a highly articulate and a fantastic show shown on the TV. I liked the life of the teenage Clark Kent who lives in the Smallville town. He has got super powers like his X ray vision, super speed. It is a treat to watch his super powers in the show.


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